Cooker Gissela Aburto

Cooker Gissela Aburto

Easy Gourmet

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Easy Gourmet by Gisela Aburto Taylor made gourmet experiences since 2003. Our group of culinary experts have embraced our family good taste and extraordinary love for food on the past 17 years we have been innovating and re creating street food with high end cuisine.

Gisela Aburto, our team leader is a Psychologist by choice and a cook by Heart.

She was fortunate to have two grandmothers who loved cooking. They passed on their traditional heritage by motivating her passion in life thru the art of cooking. Her fierce personality brings a sassy touch, and has her always on the lookout, for the new ways to satisfy the new foodies.

This is how Easy Gourmet will always empathize with the needs of our clients to create menus according to their needs, to the recipe of the aunt, grandmother, motherin-law!

Some of our clients in these 17 years, that can be mentioned are:

• Tag houver
• Pepsico
• Lancelot
• Cemex
• Burberry’s
• LV
• Grupa Ultra
• Expresso de Oro
• Gucci
• Cisco
• Infonavit
• Liverpool
• Palacio de Hierro
• Kronos
• Ixtul
• Comunidad Judia Cancun
• Hotel Nizuc
• Hotel las Velas
• Hotel Hyatt
• Hotel Aqua
• Volkswagen
• Solen
• Nextel
• Hsbc
• Tianguis Turistico
• Estado Veracruz
• Estado Quintana Roo
• Diamant Events
• Celebracion
• Monica Junco
• Azul Amour
• Blossom
• Columbia
• Film Riviera
• Anhexo
• Maritur
• Enso Media
• Jardines de Mexico