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Alonso Balcazar

Alonso Balcazar

Total Tents

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We offer the highest quality in the rental of tents, mobile structures and complementary products, thank you to the high technology and design of our products, always guaranteeing safety and supporting our
clients to have the success they expect from their events.

Our company is the result of taking advantage of the extensive experience and knowledge of our partners founders, who since 2005 have been immersed in the world of organizing high-level events quality in Mexico.

Our vast operating experience translates into the ability to achieve the result desired by our customers.

We understand the importance that our clients give to their events, and that empathy places us and focuses us on work with "respect", which is essential to guide the dynamics of each assembly until it is successful.

We work as a team always focused on responding efficiently to immediate requirements and unforeseen events that each event demands, since our staff is highly qualified to offer our services with the highest quality and has the necessary tools to adapt any of our products to the areas designated for your event, preventing setbacks or any situation that present before and during the event.

Our work is always committed to be solved on time, and this value has become one of the most valuable qualities our customers appreciate. We support our business partners and clients with inspection visits to size the project and In this way, we advise the product that suits your needs, guaranteeing the success of your event, either corporate or social.

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