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Federico López

Federico López

Taller Gourmet

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Taller Gourmet was born from the vision of Chef Federico López, recognized as one of the top 20 in the country, promoting worldwide the Mexican cuisine. Taller Gourmet is a company dedicated to catering and culinary education, our menu for weddings and events is an experience of regional ingredients that
characterize the food of the Mexican Caribbean.

We are detail seekers, but above all the illusion of providing our customers with a service that goes beyond conventional catering. Our philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars: a product of exquisite quality, excellent personalized service, attention and care of small details.
Our services: Our team, will help you find the perfect food and beverage plan, always a guarantee of excellent service, logistic and taste.
§ Wedding catering
§ International food
§ Open house parties
§ Dinning courts and food lounges
§ Hindu catering
§ Kosher catering
§ Meetings catering
§ Food Stations
§ Buffets
§ Hors d oeuvres ́
§ Coffee breaks
§ Lunch boxes
§ Happenings
§ Gastronomic and culinary solutions
§ Equipment for rental
§ Coordination and event concierge

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