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Gabriela Lavor

Gabriela Lavor

Canteiro Weddings

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Canteiro Weddings is a full service design and production house, specializing in floral décor, event rentals and custom fabrication. With a 40,000-square foot warehouse in Cancun, Mexico we cater to all of Riviera Maya, Tulum and the surrounding areas. Our clients are discerning event hosts, couples and destination wedding professionals from around the world who seek authentic local products, quality of service, and both a design perspective and elevated level of experience they come to expect at home. Canteiro Weddings also works with the best in the business to white label products and design services to fit the needs of even the most elaborate events.

Lead by founder, Gabi Lavor, Canteiro Weddings has been catering to this international clientele for over 10 years and has been recognized in some of the top bridal media outlets around the globe, including Style Me Pretty, Destination I Do Magazine, and Biz Bash. Working hard to maintain a longstanding reputation for quality of product and trust in service, the design concepts, tabletop and rental products, custom fabrication services and floral work allow Canteiro clients to create without boarders and without end.

Floral Design and Production.

Canteiro means flower corner.

And a love for flowers is what our company was founded on.
Canteiro Weddings is known for its excellence in design, both in rental product and floral production. With a full-service florist division and team dedicated to the art of arranging, Canteiro Weddings is one of the most respected florists in the region. We’ve got an eye for event details, a touch of modern when needed and romance when requested. No matter your wedding style, we bring it to life through the delicate sensibilities of our floral designers. We work closely with you throughout the process, offering design concepts, sample sessions, and out-of-the-box ideas to ensure your vision, with the help of our creativity, comes to life on your wedding day.

Speciality Rentals
Canteiro Weddings is a full-service design and production house with a 40,000 square-foot warehouse in Cancun, Mexico housing an elaborate collection of rentals for all your event needs. From ghost chairs to lounge furniture, floral vessels and bars, no matter the style of your wedding, Canteiro Weddings has the inventory to make an impact on your space.

• Special Chairs
• Wooden Tables
• Bars
• Biombos and Walls
• Table Top Decor
• Lounge Furniture
• Decorative Lig

Custom Fabrication
If you can dream it, we can build it! If our thousands of products don’t satisfy your desire for creativity and individuality, allow Canteiro Weddings to design and build your one-of-a-kind event pieces. Whether you want a custom tequila bar that lights up the night sky or a dance floor reflecting those night sky constellations, our design team can create what doesn’t yet exist! From sketching to custom builds and finished product, our team welcomes the opportunity to make your event unlike any other.

Our goal, when working with you is to make the process of planning a wedding an organized, simplified and stress-free journey. We walk side by side withyou throughout the planning process until the last minute. We areso honored to be able to work on what we are most passionate about.

• Tequila Bars
• Dance Floors
• Mercado Carts
• Customized Walls
• Metal Accessories
• Wooden Structure

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