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Make Your Dreams Come True

Whether opting for a traditional Mayan wedding, a more contemporary celebration, or a culturally-infused approach, our wedding consultants will make the process seamless and fun.

Saasil Kantenah is a private beach wedding venue, a romantic and picturesque location with authentic Mayan charm, you will experience this enigmatic place like no other, the moment you arrive you will be transported into a natural world, blending your spirit with ancient wisdom of this place. The best private beach for events.

Exclusive private beach
Consecrated Chapel
Capacity of 10 to 400 guest
One event per day
Luxurious restrooms
Parking 15 vehicles
We believe in Romantic Weddings.
Open to any culture and/or believe.

A Highly Versatile Event Venue

Saasil Kantenah is a private beach venue, where you will experience the Caribbean Sunshine & Ocean breeze like no other. Make the event of your dreams with us, as we aren’t only a wedding venue. 


Bringing family & friends for your Birthday Parties or Baby Showers, making an unforgettable Team Offsite, Workshops or Meetings with your co-workers or planning an amazing Live Music Performance with Film & Photo Shoots, Saasil Kantenah is the best private beach venue for all your events.


Make your dreams come true & experience the magic of being in paradise.

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