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Make Your Dreams Come True

Embrace the freedom to choose between a traditional Mayan wedding, a modern celebration, or a culturally-infused approach, all seamlessly orchestrated and infused with joy by our expert wedding consultants.

At Saasil Kantenah, discover the epitome of a private beach wedding venue—a romantic and picturesque location exuding authentic Mayan charm. This enchanting space promises an experience like no other; from the moment you arrive, you'll be whisked away into a natural world where your spirit harmonizes with the ancient wisdom of this captivating place. It stands as the ultimate private beach for unforgettable events.

Exclusive private beach
One event per day
Luxurious restrooms
Wedding Capacity: 2-400 guests
Other Events: Up to 1000 guests
Love exists everywhere & for everyone. We are open to any culture and/or believe.
Parking 25 vehicles (exclusive  for weddings) *For other events there´s no parking

A Highly Versatile Event Venue

Saasil Kantenah stands as a secluded haven—a private beach venue where the Caribbean Sunshine and Ocean breeze unfold in a way like no other. Beyond being just a wedding venue, we invite you to turn your dreams into reality with us.

Whether it's a birthday celebration surrounded by family and friends, a memorable baby shower, an inspiring team offsite, workshops or meetings with your colleagues, or even orchestrating a sensational live music performance, film, or photo shoots—Saasil Kantenah emerges as the premier private beach venue for all your events.

Let us be the canvas for your dreams, allowing you to experience the enchantment of being in paradise.

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