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The Brazilian Artist Musicioans

Los Brasileirihnos

Traditional Brazilian Music

Spark with Magic Your Events at Saasil Kantenah Wedding Beach

At Saasil Kantenah Wedding Beach we believe that one of the most important aspects of your event is the musical selection for unforgettable memories. Music is essential to help create unique moments with your loved ones and there’s no better way to start this process than with Brazilian group Los Brasilerinhos.  


With their magical performance they are presenting and promoting traditional Brazilian instrumental and sung music, along with an authorial touch that its just perfect for any occasion. 

Fabricia on the beach

Fabrícia Bonfim

Fabricia was born in Santarém and grew up in Alter de Chão, considered the most beautiful river beach in Brazil. She then moved to Manaus, where, at 19, she met the love of her life, Rafael De Lucena.

Rafael with his guitar

Rafael De Lucena

Rafael, was born in Rio de Janeiro. Shortly after, in the south of Brazil, he met his great friend, the guitar, received as a gift from a musician.  Emigrating to the interior of the Amazon Jungle, he was delighted by songs of the birds. There he cultivated his talent for string instruments in a self-taught way.

Dancing couple.PNG

Musical Conexion

Love for nature and music united the young couple.

Settled in Paraty, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro where they dedicate themselves to the study of the most traditional Brazilian music such as waltzes and maxixes, choro and samba, bossa nova and MPB, constituting a varied repertoire with more than two hundred compositions.

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