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Andre Gouin

Andre Gouin

Andre Gouin

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Hi there! ,
I'm Andre. I'm a destination weddings and elopements photographer (or "professional third wheel" !!) based in Cancun , Mexico. I'm half french (that's why my last name!) , half mexican (that's why my love for tacos!).

Like most photographers , I started from the bottom , learned with whatever camera I had in hand and worked my way up! Now I'm so happy to have turned a passion of mine into a successful business that , luckily enough has taken me to travel all over the globe (which I absolutely love to do since I'm a sucker for adventure!), capturing the most amazing heartfelt moments between so many beautiful souls.

The way I shoot: When it comes to weddings , I have a photo journalistic approach to photography where, for the most part I like capturing moments as they happen organicly. I always try to create a connection with everyone involved , joking around and even just being silly!. For me it's key that everyone feels comfortable and are able to have fun and enjoy what's happening.

A little bit about me : Born and raised in Mexico in a small town in Baja California , called Ensenada. I'm an outdoorsy guy! I love surfing , adventure , music and genuine people with good (and weird) sense of humor! Before I got into photography I was in the music business. I started a band when i was 14 years old and when I turned 19 , we got signed by a major record label company and moved to Mexico City!. I got to meet some amazing photographers while being a working musician and so I discover my passion about photography.

I'm married to an amazing woman named Sandra (almost 6 years and counting!) and now we live in paradise with our 3 furry family members (2 dogs 1 cat!) Life is GREAT !!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Hopefully you feel I'm a good fit for you guys and we can meet on your wedding day and have some fun creating some beautiful memories for you!. Cheers!

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