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Juan Pablo Barrero

Juan Pablo Barrero


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We specialize in photography and video at a professional level for more than 7 years in the lifestyle, fashion, model, trendy, glamor, and socialite environment, in Mexico, Colombia, USA.
Weddings are one of our passions for the creativity, innovation and passion they need, for the degree of professionalism it requires, thus being our goal to follow.
Translating their feelings into materialized images and concepts, into surprising photographs that take you back to just that perfect moment, and a video production that you will surely want to enjoy as one of your favorite videos from your playlis.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, where he began to cultivate his passion for photography, Juan Pablo created his own style, which he later polished by having the opportunity to show his work in Miami, where, in addition to perfecting his technique, he led him directly to the country. where he has lived for several years now and where he is a benchmark in the photographic world: Mexico, a place that became his second home and whose catalog and work are a benchmark in the industry. His books specialized in actors and models have a unique stamp that transcends borders, because although he is based in the Aztec country, he frequently moves back to the United States and his native Colombia. Juan Pablo Barrero, a visual artist whose soul is shared between these countries, and in whose works he unequivocally captures that unique personal mark.

The date is ready ... but you don't know where to start and what we can do for you.
Let us introduce you to our packages that you can customize according to your needs.

The basics you need to cover for a wedding:
> Save the date (digital invitation)
[digital, for WhatsApp, and social networks].
> Photo session of the couple
[prior to the wedding on location].
> Photographs and video on the wedding day.
[5 - 10 hrs. depending on the package].
> Printing the photographs.
[physical book with 120 photographs pre-selected by you].
[large format print of main photo].
[delivers 300 to 600 digital photos, depending on the package].
> Videos in 4k or FULLHD
[duration from 5 to 20 min depending on package].
[delivery of the video in Blue-ray or in digital formats, Youtube, Vimeo, tablets or iPad].
> FULLHD multimedia content
[special photos or videos for closed circuit or large format screens depending on the package].
> Make up
[professional in previous session and save the date, depending on the package]. [wedding day depending on the package].
> Hard Drive
[all photographed and video footage will be delivered on a 1GB capacity external hard drive].

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