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Luke Fotoliv

Luke Fotoliv

Luke Fotoliv

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I’m a geeky Italian guy living in Cancun with my girlfriend and our 2 dogs.

I go crazy for tacos, geography, traveling, good music, binge watching series in Netflix, pizza, sunsets, editing photos, maps, Tarantino movies , taking portraits of strangers , cooking , the ocean , skype calls at random hours with old friends, camping ,good wine, humor , hiking , good stinky French cheese and adventures.

I’ve started working as a photographer 10 years ago in the Dominican Republic, and then after a year in college studying photography in an art academy in Firenze, I moved for 6 months to Durban, South Africa to work as a photojournalist. After second year of college I randomly arrived in Mexico and fell in love with this beautiful country.

I fell in love with a place that allows me to meet people from all over the world and experience all the different cultures the world has to offer. I fell in love with wedding photography, with the vibe on wedding day, the emotion and the love that spreads in the air.

I’ve been shooting weddings in Mexico for 7 years and this past year, 2019 has been the best so far. We got a chance to shoot 5 weddings in 4 foreign countries, getting us out of our comfort zone and exploring new places and new light.

Nowadays cameras and photographic equipment are more accessible than ever and basically everybody can take a great snapshot.

I believe that what truly defines a wedding photographer is the passion for photography and human relations, I don’t believe in prizes and accolades, instead I live for happy clients and good memories.

I love to shoot weddings in a documentary style, shooting with natural light and trying to interfere as less as possible, keeping it real. Of course we want the clients looking their best at all times, and we do so by creating a real trust and interest for all the people we work with. Also good communication with clients throughout the booking process allows us to really get to know their specific needs and help them achieve memories for a lifetime.

As humans we are all different and this Is the beauty of my job, I get to know so many diverse people and every single wedding is an enriching experience.

I love people and finding what is unique is each couple, I want to photograph that moment, which you share only with your best friend, a small laugh or reaction to a joke.

I offer photography coverage for 6, 8 and 11 hours with a fast digital delivery of the edited photos directly to your email. We also deliver a fancy slideshow for you to share with family and friends.

As an extra we offer high quality matte prints and bomb Layflat photo albums.

Some pro tips for awesome photos: have a nice tidy location for getting ready shots, do a first look, have the ceremony close to sunset , enjoy the beach.

Set up a call with us and serve yourself a glass of nice wine, we would love to hear about your special day.

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